How To Find Your Personal Style

The Unfiltered Edit

Personal style is important, I’ve written about it before. It’s so important that I’m writing about it again. Style is how we express our internal experience to the external world, so I think it’s something we should take the time out to carefully create. After all your reputation always precedes you. Building a mindful closet helps us to be more conscious consumers, helps us get less carried away with trends and eliminates impulse buys. Here are five of my favourite tips in finding your personal style.

Step 1:
Gather Inspiration.
Inspiration is anything that delights and brings out the best in you. It gets your creative and expressive energies flowing, and the best thing about inspiration is you can literally find it anywhere and in anything. Just figure out what it is you like. Nature is my favorite resource for finding inspiration, and Pinterest is a close second. Search out…

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