Succinct words about the facets of love. Many of us have learned damaged love but may we relearn the truth and live better lives!

The Unfiltered Edit

From the beginning of time, love has been one language that everyone is able to understand. It transcends everything, and that’s not surprising because God is everything. God is love.

Over time though in our quest for finding answers and making things work and the progression of human life and existence, man for so many reasons I can’t jump into at this point has managed to twist and distort life into ways and forms that are somewhat a little unimaginable how they got from their original point to the current point it’s at, and love painfully over romanticized, broken down and rebuilt from a mold that is almost unrecognizable.

The problem with this is that since love is what makes the world go round and since it’s being practiced in ways it was not supposed to be it then loses its original function therefore distorting the outcome. Because of all…

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