A Dozen Ways To Activate Your Feminine Energy

The Unfiltered Edit

The Divine Feminine is exquisitely rich. There is nothing else like it and there never ever will be, so it’s important for those of us (I mean women) who have it to ensure that they don’t misuse this treasure that we’ve been so graciously gifted. Here a couple of ways you can utilize to maximize your God given gift.

1. Get in touch with Nature.
Nature is your friend, she’s there to support you all you have to do is decide to consciously engage.

2. Tap into your Creative Energy.
We have all been gifted with creativity in form or the other, use it. Draw, paint, cook, design, learn a skill. Whatever it is that will enable your energy flows and bring forth something, do it.

3. Be slow to anger & rich in kindness.
One thing I’ve learnt over the past couple of years is that hurt people hurt…

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